Texas Best Lawn is owned and managed by its co-founders and co-owners, Chris Swanson and Jeff Guidry. Together, they possess the proven management skills and experience to successfully run this operation, having done so since its inception over 2 years ago. They are well-seasoned industry professionals, who are highly skilled in all aspects of the business. They excel in providing exceptional designs and project management oversight, and are strong team builders with expertise in efficiently coordinating resources. Their highly organized managerial style emphasizes customer relations skills and results-oriented problem solving, which has been key to the success of the Company to date.
Jeff Guidry, Co-Founder and Co-Owner
Jeff Guidry rounds out the team with a keen artistic eye and fine attention to detail. He has ample knowledge on everything related to the services and products the Company offers. In addition, he has outstanding customer service, public relations, and communications skills. As such, Mr. Guidry is responsible for overseeing the quality control for lawn services and landscaping, as well as being in charge of employee training and development.